The Little Black Dress Wax


Full Leg, Bikini, and Underarm only £24.99.

Get ready for anything with the Little Black Dress Wax. A full leg, bikini, and underarm wax perfect for any outfit or occasion. To get the most out of this great offer here are our four tips for silky smooth seductiveness.

1. Let it Grow, Let it Grooooooow

(Sung to the tune of Frozen’s Let it Go – Now try getting that out of your head:-)

We recommend you have about a quarter of an inch of hair before your first wax (about a week and a half to two weeks worth of growth). It’s an excuse to wear trousers, thick tights, and that lovely warm top as the cold weather creeps in. After your treatment, it’s the last time you’ll ever have uncomfortable stubble because any hair that grows post-wax will be soft and fresh.

2. Supercalifragilistic-Exfoliation

Ok, we may be stretching the Disney musical theme but two to three days before you come in for your appointment use an in-shower scrub to really power up the results of your wax. This exfoliating preparation aids the wax to remove every hair and help suppress regrowth. Keep up your in-shower scrub routine for at least ten days after your wax for Mary Poppins-like perfect results.

3. Moisturise

Hydration is a must before and after you wax. After every shower apply your favorite good quality moisturiser. You see all those adverts where a piece of silk slides effortlessly down a gloriously smooth leg? That’s you with a regular moisturising regime.

4. Don’t shave. Just don’t.

The hardest part of switching from shaving is dealing with hair growth between waxes. You may be tempted to shave, but the longer you stick with waxing, the better it gets. If you wax every four to six weeks and never shave in between, your hair will start growing a lot finer and waaaaaaay slower.

Once you have a “set it and forget it” routine of waxing, the idea of going back to the shaving hell of razors, foam going everywhere, and constant bangs on the bathroom door asking if you’re finished will seem incredibly unappealing. Make life a lot easier (and smoother) with our Little Black Dress Wax. You can book online, schedule an appointment on Facebook Messenger or give us a call.

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