One on One Makeup Tutorial

Urban Beauty Ballymena Christmas 2016

Get fantastic new looks and beautiful fresh skin with our One on One Makeup Tutorial

Make-up. It’s a minefield of trends, brands, and mixed opinions. Everywhere you look there are posts, articles, and updates, on what’s in, out, and up and coming.

But just because Kim K, Kylie J, or a Hollywood A-Lister is rocking a particular look doesn’t mean that it’s for everyone. What if you want to experiment, try something new, or update a classic look with your unique twist?

Urban Beauty’s One on One Makeup Tutorial is perfect for anyone new to makeup, needing a refresher, or ready to try out some different looks with new tips, tricks, and skills.

In your 90 minute One on One Makeup Tutorial, our lovely, talented, and experienced team of Beauty Artists will take you through the following.

  • Makeup bag essentials
  • Pre-makeup skin-care
  • A day-time look matched to your skin type and tone
  • How to convert that day-time look into glamorous night-time style
  • A removal routine to leave your skin fresh and free

You can book your one on one makeup class online, via Facebook messenger or give us a call.

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